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 Lehenga Choli is the most preferred Indian traditional dress to wear on festivals, weddings and on many important occasions. We have a wide variety of lehenga choli with the best quality and at best price. Rajnandini Fashion’s Lehenga Choli collection consists of Bridal Lehenga, Indo Western Lehenga, Mirror Work Lehenga, Brocade Lehenga, Floral Lehenga and Designer Lehenga designed by our expert fashion designers. So what are you waiting for, buy our best lehenga online at most reasonable price with best quality material and free shipping.

Lehenga Choli 

Lehenga Choli is also known as ‘ghagra choli’ and ’lancha’ and is associated to our tradition since Mauryan times. Mauryan ladies used to wear a straight muslin hand stitched cloth skirt and tucked on the waist. Basically, it was the first stitched garment in Indian history.

It is separated into three parts i.e. ’lehenga’ the lower bodice that consists flare and embellishments. The second part is ‘choli’ upper fitted garment and it can be of various styles and patterns. The last one is ‘dupatta’ that is 2.5-meter long cloth with embroidery and borders.

Lehenga Choli Evolution 

  Eventually, various evolution and development took place in Lehenga Choli as per choice and requirements of users of that era. Changes like width or flare increased, silk and brocade were used in place of muslin and cotton, embellishments and embroideries to beautify appearance etc. This lead to evolvement of many styles of lehenga designs according to occasions.

Rajnandini Fashion guides you and provides you the finest lehenga choli for every special occasion of yours. Your lehenga choli will be an attention seeker in the whole gathering. Rajnandini Fashion has all the types of lehenga like Crop Top Lehenga, Indo Western Lehenga, Floral Lehenga, Modern Lehenga, Brocade Lehenga, Mirror Work Lehenga, Golden Lehenga, Raw Silk Lehenga, simple party Wear Lehenga, and Latest Designer Lehenga Choli so that you have a different look for different occasion.

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Rajnandini Fashion Lehenga Choli gives you elegance and charm that not only will please others but will also make you confident about your attire and personality. Rajnandini Fashion assures you about quality of its lehengas as the best designers create these masterpieces
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                                                                A Right Time To Buy Lehenga Online

 As special things need special space and time so does lehenga choli. Rajnandini Fashion designer wears Lehenga Choli is specially designed for your special events. Rajnandini Fashion has a wide range of Lehenga Choli that you can wear on some crucial events. Rajnandini Fashion will guide you at every step in making your day more pleasing.
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 Wedding Time

 When the wedding bells sound everyone gets excited about the preparations, especially girls and ladies needs to look gorgeous because it's time for them to look their best. Rajnandini Fashion has an extensive range of wedding collection of lehenga choli with heavy embroidery, detailed patterns and classy fabrics to ensure that you look exceptional during wedding. The bright color, texture and the luster of Rajnandini Fashion Lehenga Choli will revive your inner beauty, every time you wear it.

 Festive Time

 The Festivals are vital part of our culture and tradition. Indian culture imbibes in itself lots of traditions each with very important meaning. Imagine a newly married girl is wearing a beautiful elegant lehenga on her first Diwali celebration with her inlaws makes that festival meaningful for her or a lady wearing a subtle lehenga in some puja makes the event forever cherishable for her.

 Party Time

 Earlier saree was the only options for ladies to wear in high profile parties and celebrations but now the scenario has changed. Women want more comfortable attire yet unique and eye-pleasing. So to look like a diva of the party Lehenga Choli is the best attire for those beautiful ladies who want to be the focal point of every bash. Our collection have Bollywood inspired collection, best of best, people's choice and many more options that surely makes you a glamorous one.

 Ramp walk Time

 Most of the Indian Fashion designers work on our Indian traditional outfits for their collection every year. Lehenga is a compulsion for them because on-ramp walks it looks very elegant and royal. Attire plays an important role while ramp walk as it strengthens the confidence of model and attracts the viewer. Rajnandini Fashion collection is best for such fashion shows as we provide designer garments that are specially designed by designers for your different looks. Rajnandini Fashion Lehenga Choli will attract everyone in the crowd and the focus will shift to.

Shades of Lehenga

Golden Lehenga

 Golden Lehenga

 Golden color is associated with bright, spark and royalty. It makes you shine and shimmer so that you look like a queen. Earlier people consider red as the only bridal color and golden color could be seen only in embroideries but now the trend has changed. People are opting golden as their Bridal Lehenga more and dupatta is in shades of red as golden look more vibrant and royal. Not only to the bride but golden color is also the best choice for girls who want to be trendy and stylish at the same time.

White lehenga

 White Lehenga

White represents richness, purity, and peace. Wearing white or off-white lehenga in high profile parties imprints your classy look in people’s mind. White color lehengas also enrich the beauty of south Indian brides. White and off-white lehengas are always on the top in celebrity styling choice as it looks stunning with golden and silver. Rajnandini Fashion bestows different patterns of white and off-white lehengas to create a royal statement for you.

Red Bridal Lehenga

 Red Bridal Lehenga

 In Indian culture whenever we recall the word ‘bride’ the color that comes first in our mind is red as it is associated with Love. Rests of the trends have been changed in terms of fashion except the Bridal Lehenga color. Today also our elders suggest red as the prominent color for a bride. Rajnandini Fashion has a special corner for Bridal Lehengas. We have a large variety of delicate red Bridal Lehenga Choli that will surely make your day immemorable.

Blue Lehenga

 Blue Lehenga

 Blue also quoted as Indigo is a color that has a permanent place in every fashion week. It trends in every look whether it is casual or designer or party wear. Rajnandini Fashion Blue lehengas look so graceful in hues of blue with zari and thread embroideries inspired by the Persian artwork and Persian paintings. The detailing and aura of Lehenga Choli will certainly amaze people around you.

Beauty Of Buying Lehenga Online With Rajnandini Fashion

 Latest Collection

 Every lady always desire new trendy lehenga choli that should be one of its kind. Rajnandini Fashion Lehenga Choli will fulfill your wish as we have designer lehengas for every festive event. Our designing team works day and night to provide you the best and trendy lehenga choli online and that too at your price. You will get exclusive latest Lehenga Choli of 2018 online at Rajnandini Fashion

 Unique Design

 Rajnandini Fashion’s Lehenga Choli are unique and stylish as are designed by experienced designers. Every lehenga of Rajnandini Fashion is unique in itself because of different designs, embroideries, silhouettes, stitching and look. You will definitely realise the uniqueness of your Lehenga Choli when you will be centre of attraction at every party. 

 Custom Stitching

 Rajnandini Fashion has custom stitching facility for you where you upload your measurements online. After receiving it we will send you a confirmation mail about sizes. Once the sizes get approved by you, we will send them to the tailor. Rajnandini Fashion have best, experienced and skilled tailoring team that stitch exact lehenga choli according to customer size and comfort.

 Original Material

 Fabrics is the soul of attire. It should be original, comfortable and according to the design. The wrongly selected fabric can ruin the look of Lehenga and your personality for the occasion. A fabric of low quality may get damaged even after wearing it once. Rajnandini Fashion purchases the best material for its lehenga choli that is original and of high quality so as to provide best results to its customers. Our expert designers check all the materials especially used to make heavy garments like the lehenga choli

 Best Price

 Rajnandini Fashion provides you the best price for every lehenga choli as compared to the other sites or the retail shops. Rajnandini Fashion compromises in its price but not in the quality of the garment. You can also bargain for the product online and you will not get this kind of facility anywhere. Rajnandini Fashion care for you and hence assures the best price for you.

 Try and Buy

 Rajnandini Fashion is a customer oriented online site. We provide you so many varieties and gorgeous lehenga online that too at lowest possible prices which are hard to believe. Just give a chance to Rajnandini Fashion and experience the beauty and flare of lehenga. You will receive so many compliments in every occasion that you will become our frequent customer for sure

 A Quick Look At More Lehenga Collection

Bridal Lehenga: Bridal lehenga is a dream Lehenga for every girl whether she is celebrity or a common girl. Everyone dreams of an exclusive and best Lehenga to make her Big Day unforgettable day of life. Rajnandini Fashion designed that happiness, care, shyness, beauty, love and every emotion of a girl in various colors, patterns, and silhouettes so that to make you a perfect bride. Rajnandini Fashion has a great working team that will help you from selection of lehenga till dispatch of a stitched garment and also after 24*7 after sales service.

Be ready to be the Perfect Bride...

Indo Western Lehenga: A fusion of Indian traditional lehenga with western style is called Indo Western Lehenga. Imagine an Indian traditional lehenga with western embroideries of the thread, a top over a lehenga in spite of a choli, a jacket on lehenga etc. which make it looks stylish and contemporary. Rajnandini Fashion your traditional yet stylish look by Indo Western Lehenga.

 Be innovative and stylish !!!

Modern Lehenga: Everything changes with the pace of time. Lehenga Choli has also updated its looks and form, from Mauryan to Mughal empire lehenga, now the different designers are innovating and trying to change the lehenga choli through silhouette, work, textile etc. Today lehenga choli is modernized as a casual dress form and people are wearing it on a top or simple shirt to give a simple yet stylish look. Rajnandini Fashion also believes in updating as per trends. Our team is working regularly on changing fashion world as we want to provide you that is not only new to you but to Indian fashion fraternity also.

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Brocade Lehenga: Brocade material is a two-way fabric that is usable on both sides. It is made through the jacquard weave. Brocade Lehenga is always in fashion every year mainly on wedding seasons. Rajnandini Fashion has beautiful prints woven brocade lehenga for your elegant look for festivals.

Floral Lehenga: Floral prints are always in vogue. In every spring summer collection every designer launches his flower print collection. Flowers give color and freshness and hence are an important part of fashion world. Rajnandini Fashion has Floral Print Lehenga that grooms you on every occasion.

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Mirror Work Lehenga: Mirror work was initially used to wear in Gujarat only but now has crossed its boundaries not only to other states of India but all across the world. Mirror work looks beautiful for every season and every occasion and comes at a reasonable price. Rajnandini Fashion has mirror work lehenga to give a bright and sparkling look to you for every season. Different types and shapes of mirrors are used to make heavy designer mirror work lehenga as per your choice.

Raw Silk Lehenga: Raw silk is a rich and royal fabric that is used for elegant and royal lehenga. mostly designer lehenga is made up of raw royal silk. it is durable and has a luster. Rajnandini Fashion has a wide range of raw silk designer collection of lehengas for your impressive ethnic look.

Party Wear Lehenga: In high profile parties and social gatherings lehenga is now in vogue along with saree to give you a glamorous diva look. A party needs attire that gives you a click look or glances and you should look different among all. Rajnandini Fashion lehenga will make you spark like a diamond among all.

Net Lehenga: Net is also called as tulle. Net is specifically used for heavy designer lehenga by designers. It is also used in all season. It is stretchable, makes beautiful flare and also budget friendly.

Circular / Flared Lehenga: Circular lehenga is the most common and basic Lehenga. The fabric is placed bias to cut the circular lehenga. These are of two types i.e. full circular (full flare) and half circular (with half flare). This type of lehenga has pleats on the waist part and generally a heavy border on its hem.

Mermaid / Fishtail Lehenga: as name states, mermaid lehenga has a look of a fish in bottom. These are tightened and fitted to the knees and loose from calf to the hem. This look elegant on perfect body types and helps to boost up your curves.

Paneled Lehenga: It is the most commonly used lehenga also called kalidar lehenga. Panels give flare and also new silhouette to lehenga.

A-line lehenga: It has a silhouette of ‘A’ i.e. narrow from the waist and wide at bottom. It has less flare compared to circular.

Sharara Cut Lehenga: When flare skirt is divided into two in the center part like Palazzo, it is called sharara. It is comfortable and stylish in look. Earlier originated by Mughals but adopted by everyone now. Straight Cut Lehenga also known as ghagri of Mauryan period. It has little or no flare like a pencil skirt. It has a slit on side or back part that enable to walk.

Lehenga with Jacket: An indo western form of lehenga in which jacket complement lehenga in place of choli. Jacket can be of any length as per customer choice.

Half Saree Lehenga: Most difficult part of wearing saree is making equal pleats. Get rid of making pleats and buy half saree lehenga. It is a contemporary form of lehenga in which pleated portion of saree is stitched in lehenga style and rest wrapped around the body as saree. It’s a kind of new innovation in saree which can be created as per customer comfort and style.

Rajnandini Fashion is an online site that enables you to buy best among the best Lehenga Choli at the lowest possible price. We believe in customer satisfaction and always ready to assist you to select lehenga that is perfect for your body type and personality and attracts the attention of every viewer towards you.

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